Lyrics of song

I Got The Picture

Give Me The Picture,Who Got The 8 By 10?
I Need The Picture,Go Get The 8 By 10,
Who Got The Picture,Give Me The 8 By 10,
I Got The Picture,We Got The 8 By 10..
If You Could Only See What I See
Take A Ride Inside My Zindagi
If You Could Only See Inside My Mind
There’s So Much More Than Meets The Eye..
(Aadmi Khilona Duniya Ke Khel Mein
Do The Picture In The Mind Of A Mad Man) – 4

Jaise Nasha Sharaab Mein Aur Garmi Aag Mein
Aur Roshni Chor Jaati Saath Jaise Raat Mein,
Aur Soch Dimag Mein Aur,Pasina Haath Mein
Par Note Jab Haath Aaye To Koi Naa Sath De…
Aadmi Khilona Duniya Ke Khel Mein
Jo Hona Hai Vo Hona Hai Asool Khel Ke,
Asool Khel Ke Badalte Naa
Badalte Log Asoolon Pe Jo Chalte Naa,
Dil Mein Rog Aur Khauf Mere Mann Mein Naa
Main Murdon Me Zinda Hoon Mare Bina,
Main Laapata Aur Rooh Meri Ajnabi
Meri Nazaron Se Dekho Meri Zindagi…
Take A Ride With Me, Let’s Go Deep Inside My Zindagi
Lights Camera Action, Reaction Is A Mystery
You’re Clueless Every Path Leads To Confusion,
Lack Of Information Blinded By Illusion
Slow Down, Take A Good Look Around,
Life Is A Game, And We’re On The Play Ground,
Picture Perfect With Precision Stay On’em Until The End
Only Weapon In My Hand Is This 8 By 10…
(Aadmi Khilona Duniya Ke Khel Mein
Do The Picture In The Mind Of A Mad Man) – 7

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